Lundby, the world's oldest manufactured doll's house, is now available in Australia. While many doll's houses are twee and old-fashioned, Lundby lifestyle doll's houses are so realistic you'll be tempted to move in yourself! Each Lundby Doll's House blends traditional, tiny details, with contemporary layout and accessories, and even child-safe lighting (pioneered by Lundby).

Best of all, you can add on whenever you feel like it. Fancy an extension? No problem, simply add an extra level. Need some mod cons? Why not pop in some lights or a TV. Want to freshen up your interiors? Try some flowers or a new lamp.

The Lundby range includes more than 100 items, covering a comprehensive combination of modern wooden and quality upholstered furniture, and including those little finishing touches, such as pictures and toys, that guarantee hours of entertainment.

The Lundby doll's house is available with a garden, complete with picket fence and patio. And what would a modern outdoor space be without a picnic table, BBQ, garden furniture and even children's outdoor play equipment?

Lundby has created a range of jointed, miniature dolls, representing three generations of family and friends (including the Lundby Popstars), to complete the picture. Clothes are available, and even pets are on hand – from cats and dogs to rabbits and ponies.

The Lundby Doll's House is a total lifestyle experience, representing a miniature version of the Great Australian Dream.

Lundby is available nationally from David Jones and selected toy, model and collectable stores and online at

This article was published on Friday 18 June, 2004.